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My name is Scott Engle and I am happy to announce that your child will be one of my students for the 2017-2018 school year. I am both excited and interested in getting to know all of you and working with you to make this year go smoothly. First of all I have to tell you that I cannot wait to teach my students and I hope that this excitement for teaching will translate into an effective learning environment for my students. With this in mind it is necessary to build a community of learners in order for our class to function properly. For this reason I have put together a short paragraph of my personal plans for the class as well as attached the Class Discipline Plan containing our class code of conduct. I hope that this information is of help to you and your child as we start the school year.

I can promise that this year will be filled with exciting activities that will challenge every single student in the class. I adamantly believe that in order to have learning take place, it is essential to first develop a classroom community. We will first concentrate on building this classroom community through activities and the discussion of procedures and routines to help every day go by smoothly. Our class will focus on this community and respect for everyone all throughout the year. In addition to the classroom community, we will hold a class meeting at the beginning of every day. This class meeting will be used for the teacher and students to discuss what is going good in the classroom as well as what needs improvement for minor infractions. Students will be involved discussing ways to improve the classroom and make the day go by smoothly.

With the thought of discipline in mind, we have implemented a code of conduct for the students and myself to follow in the classroom. The students and I created this code of conduct the first day and walked through the expectations for every student, every day.  I will post this code on this site, as well as send this copy home and I would really appreciate it if you could review it with your child. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to contact me. Again, thank you and I am excited and optimistic about this year. I cannot wait to meet and work with you and I look forward to a successful year.


Scott Engle


Code of Conduct:

Classroom Discipline Plant):   Coming Soon!

Expectations: Our Classroom Code of Conduct was created to set the expectation that ALL students will be accountable for ALL of their behavior ALL of the time.  It creates a safe, orderly classroom environment and is used as a tool to teach students how to CHOOSE their behavior. 

         We are respectful to self, others, and school environment

         We contribute to a safe environment

         We are responsible for our actions

         We are prepared for class.

***** We are here to learn.  Therefore we will try our best all the time and do nothing to keep the teacher from teaching and anyone, myself included, from learning.

         Golden Rule : Treat others how you want to be treated in return.  

          Platinum Rule : Treat others how they want to be treated.  Show some empathy!


"Pride" - Have Pride in who you are and the class you represent:

Pride in 6E


Character Counts here at Skyview!

         If individual students are not accountable for their behavior and make poor choices throughout the day, they may receive a character counts slip or be asked to stay in from recess and fill out a think sheet


Character Counts Slip:

Our teamís behavior and expectation policy is rooted in the six pillars of character: respect, responsibility, caring, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship. Studentís are encouraged and taught to live these traits on a daily basis.

  • In most cases or class disturbances, a character counts slip will be placed on the student's desk without a word being spoken.  This is done to remind the student that they have just made a poor choice that affects their or other's learning environment.  The student then has the choice to change their behavior, and will simply be asked to hand back in the blank character counts slip at the end of class.  If this behavior continues after the character counts slip has been placed on the student's desk, the student will be asked to fill it out and take it home to get it signed that night by a parent or guardian.  This completed character counts slip will be expected to be turned in the following day of class.


Think Sheet:

 If students make poor choices or act inappropriately, a think sheet may be asked to be filled out at the beginning of recess and have it signed by a parent.  If the behavior is severe enough, a think sheet may also be asked to be filled out and signed by the parent on the first misbehavior. This think sheet, along with the code of conduct, sets the expectation that all students will be accountable for all of their behavior, all of the time.  It also creates a safe, orderly classroom environment, and is a tool that will teach students how to choose appropriate behavior.


Class Dojo:

 Class Dojo is an online behavior website that will be utilizewd in each of Mr. Engle's sections.  It allows parents to see the positives (and at times negative behaviors) students are modeling day in and day out in the classroom.  In addition, it allows students to see in real time their acheivements and be rewarded for their teamwork, participation, perserverance, and more within the classroom.  Students and parents are encouraged to embrace this great appliation and its use within 6 - Engle.  This will be discussed more in class and can be researched further at:


Top 10 Reasons Dojo points will be given:

  • Having items out on your desk and ready to go before others are
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • Getting parents to sign your assignment book all week
  •  Being a role model in class
  • Helping others without being asked to
  • Making good choices even when others are not
  • Keeping your desk and workspace neat and organized
  • Making good choices when all of your work is finished
  • Reading when there is down time or after finishing tests
  • Working effectively with whomever you are placed with for group work

Making good choices

         Being respectful ALL the time is a choice we must make (remember, you can and will have to work with everyone in the classroom).  It is your choice.  You can make the best of any situation.  Even if the partner you are placed with wasn't your first choice, it is your choice whether you work effectively with them or not. Make the right choice, show self-control, respect, and great character ALWAYS in 6-Engle!

         Dojo points will be given for other behaviors not on this list, but these top ten are historically the ones most rewarded.

 students receive them for the most.

AgAgain, thank you and I am excited and optimistic about this year. I cannot wait to meet and work with you and I look forward to a successful year!

 Scott E. Engle



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