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     I was born in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania March 3, 1983.  I grew up and lived in the same house for 18 years located outside of town in Northumberland, PA.  Northumberland is a small town in central PA that is located directly where the west and north branches of the Susquehanna River meet.  I  participated in a variety of activities growing up.  Little League baseball was my main focus during my elementary and middle school days when I was not in school.   I attended and graduated  from Shikellamy High School in Sunbury Pennsylvania where I was the German club president and participated in choir, track, baseball and bowling.  Throughout high school I was a member of bowling leagues and enjoyed being the captain of the high school bowling team.  Our team enjoyed winning the Susquehanna Valley Championship three years in a row and my junior year I had the opportunity to go to states where our team finished second and just missed a chance to go to Las Vegas for nationals.  I was one person out of four in Pennsylvania who received a scholarship for bowling my senior year, and bowled a perfect 300 game my junior year. 

     My whole life I had my sights set on becoming an architect, but it wasn’t until 11th grade that I realized that teaching was for me.  I realized that I was a people person and needed to make more of a difference in children’s lives since I love being around them.  I got accepted to Bloomsburg University and have been in the Elementary Education program ever since.  At Bloomsburg I worked at University Tutorial Services on campus during the school year and I worked at the Oppenheimer Playground in Sunbury during the summer.  There I was the assistant playground director.  I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.99 GPA on May 7th, 2005.           

     Teaching elementary school is something that I am looking forward to and dedicated to achieving.  I feel that if I can make a difference in just one student’s life it will be worth it.  I had a great experience student teaching and I a look forward to a career in education.  Upon graduation, I got married and  moved to Conshohocken, PA with my wife Christina.  I got a job at Worcester Elementary School in the Methacton School District.  I have been there ever since teaching fifth grade.  I believe teaching will be a challenging, but rewarding career and know that it is the right choice for me.  The opportunity to wake up every morning and go to work with the thought of helping children out constitutes a job that is not only necessary, but one that I want to do for the rest of my life.  


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