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Kid's Pages:

Ivy's Search Engine Resources for Kids

safe search engines for kids

Research Tools

aids students and professionals in their searching

online encyclopedia resource for students

Microsoft Encarta

online interactive encyclopedia sponsored by MSN


smart, safe search engine for kids

TekMom's Search Tools for Students

search engine for kids split into categories by subject

Awesome Library

search directory for students with safe content

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Teacher's Pages:

ICT Magic

 this wiki provides nearly endless opportunities to utilize in the classroom

Behavior Advisor

numerous resources how to manage the classroom and strategies for every type of behavior

Behavior Management and More:

numerous resources how to manage the classroom and ideas for every classroom out there

I know that

numerous resources for every subject with online activities

Great Schools

Find schools listed and their PSSA scores

Humbolt Education - Discipline

numerous resources how to manage the classroom and strategies for making discipline plans

Edu Hound

One of the best resources on the web for teachers and education


numerous resources for teachers to aid in anything from lesson plans to curriculum


everything education for teachers from resumes to plans

Busy Educator

education site by Jason Fosselman

The Best on the Web for Teachers

education site by Jason Fosselman

Worldcom marcopolo

standards-based internet content for K-12

post assignments at ease with this internet tool

Teacher Created Materials

catalog of products for teachers in addition to online resources

The Creative Teaching Site

site dedicated to helping teachers be more creative

website building resource for education K-12

directory of lesson plans for educators

WWW for Teachers

free online resources to help involve technology in the classroom

Education World

complete index of topics from lesson planning to professional development for teachers

Online tools for Teachers

tools for creating worksheets and activities for students

search engine dedicated to searching education


search the internet for answers and interesting facts

A to Z Teacher Stuff Theme Pages for Units

themes for education complete with ideas for teaching them

Blue Web Library

library of blue ribbon learning sites on the web Lesson Plans Library

lesson plans provided by the Discovery channel

The Gateway

a portal to quick access to educational resources on the web

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

Kathy Schrock's picks of top internet sites for education along with a variety of resources

comprehensive listing of lesson plans for all subject areas

Lesson Plans Search

directory search for lesson plans located on the internet

Marco Polo

search to limit what you are looking for in educational resources

PBS Online's TeacherSource

teacher and educational resources provided by PBS

The Teacher's Corner Lesson Plan and Unit Resources

primary and intermediate teacher resources


quick online tools to aid in teaching and spark up the classroom with technology


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Differentiated Learning:


chapters from Carol Tomlinson about differentiating instruction

Differentiating Instruction Lesson 1

description of what differentiated instruction is and why it should be used in the classroom

Differentiating Instruction Lesson 2

chapter on how to effectively start to implement differentiated instruction

Gardner's Ninth Intelligence

list of all the intelligences that should be taught to in the classroom

Elementary: Mary Hooper's 1st and 2nd Grade

example of how to implement differentiated instruction in the elementary school

Social Studies: 2nd Grade

example of differentiated instruction at work in the social studies second grade classroom

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Math Websites for Teachers

Adding It Up:  Helping Children Learn Mathematics

this is an online book that addresses issues regarding teaching mathematics to children in grades K-8.


Clearinghouse for Mathematics Education

site provides access to the best information available for teaching mathematics, along with ERIC .


Eisenhower National Clearinghouse

this website provides lots of resources for teaching math.


Helping Children Learn Math

this is an online book that provides strategies and techniques for helping children learn math in grades K-8.


Kathy Schrock's Math Resources

Math resources at the Discovery channel website.


NASA Regional Teacher Resource Center 

located Wheeling, WV.


NCTM On-Math Journal

combines online high quality teacher resources and dynamic interactive tools for the teaching and learning of school mathematics.


Pastelina Puzzles

interactive logic puzzles (not all require a password).


PBS Teacher Resources

lesson plans and activities.


Problem of the Week

this is a math internet contest for all ages sponsored by the University of Mississippi.



interactive problem solving puzzles that include math, geometry, and more.


Student Math Notes

ready to use math activities for students in grades 5-10 by NCTM.


Texas Instruments - Calculators

resources for all models of texas instruments calculators.


Web Bytes   

online resources of interest for all math teachers (maintained by NCTM).


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Math Websites for Students


A+ Math

an interactive site for students to improve their math skills through games, flashcards, and homework help. 


Ask Dr. Math

resource for solving math problems.


Base Ten Blocks

this website is an interactive game using virtual flat, rod, and unit manipulatives to learn place value.


Basic Math Skills

review of basic math skills for elementary and middle school students.


Cool Math

games, brain teasers, puzzles, and more for elementary students.


Credit Repair -   learning coins

Practice and study money as well as coins (thanks Ellie from Miss Davis's class)



lots of math activities by PBS.


Homework Help

 homework help for all students.


Kids Math

review of math skills for K-8 students.



math resources for students, teachers, and parents.


Math Dictionary

lots of definitions, examples, activities, and practice.


Mr. Ptonyak's Pyramid Puzzle

an interdisciplinary project designed for middle school (4-8) math students to determine how much it would cost to build an Egyptian pyramid today.



this is a movie about what you can do with this Chinese puzzle.


Tangram Puzzles

this website provides over 300 puzzles involving tangrams.


Virtual Math

virtual manipulatives for interactive math.


Webmath site

provides help for solving math problems, along with step by step solutions.


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Science Teacher Resources

Chemistry Activities

(select, then select Wondernet in the quick find drop down menu on the left side)  this website provides a wealth of chemistry activities for elementary school science.


Clearinghouse for Science Education

website provides access to the best information available for teaching science, along with ERIC.



earthquake resources for teaching about earthquakes.


Earth Science

earth science resources for students, teachers, and parents.


Environmental Education Center for Teachers

this website provides curriculum information and more for teachers.


Environmental Literacy Council

this website provides resources for environmental education.


Environmental Education

focuses on a key environmental topics such as endangered animal species or rain forest depletion. Individual topics have been selected because of their global importance.


Experiments with Machines

 website is a resources for experimenting with simple machines. Thanks Elliot for your reccomendation!


Exploring the Environment

exploring global environmental issues (5-12).



this website provides resources for teaching science.


Exploratorium Science Snacks

this website provides lesson plans for a variety of science content areas. For example chemistry, color, electricity, fluids, heat, polarization, and more.


FOSS 3-6 Interactive

this website provides web-based interactive activities for students in grades 3-6 in support of FOSS kits.


FOSS K-2 Interactive

this website supports web-based interactive activities for student sin grades K-2 in support of FOSS kits.


Hands-On Science Lesson Plans 

this website provides lessons plans for a variety of grade levels and content areas.


Informal Science

this website is an online guide to museums, science centers, nature centers, parks and gardens, zoos, aquariums, aviaries, planetariums, and observatories.


Laboratory Safety Guidelines

learn 40 steps to safe science investigations in your classrooms.


Life Science

life science resources for students, teachers, and parents.


Middle School Science

many resources for middle school science teachers.


NASA Spacelink

this website provides NASA related educational resources for teachers.


National Wildlife Federation

a great resource for conservation of nature and environmental education.


Nature of Science

this website explains what the Nature of Science means and how it influences science education. The website is sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science Project 2061.


NOAA Education

this website provides science content background for weather, climate, oceans, and space.


NSTA Science Links

website provides NSTA members with access to websites that have been approved by NSTA for use by teachers and students.


Outstanding Science Trade Books

this website provides a list of science trade books recommended by NSTA.



a resource for real time maps and research regarding the effects of ozone in the United States.


Pennsylvania Center for Environmental Education

website is maintained by the Pennsylvania Center for Environmental Education.


Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

website is maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.


PBS Teacher Resources

lesson plans and activities.


Physical Sciences

physical science resources for students, teachers, and parents.


Project Density

this site provides content information and three labs for investigating density in grades 4-5.


Project Wild

conservation and environmental science education for K-12 students.


Science Inquiry-Based Teaching Model

How can I help my students learn through inquiry-based science teaching? The website provides some ideas for using inquiry-based teaching and learning.


Science Inquiry and the Nature of Science

this webpage provides definitions of inquiry and the nature of science.



this website provides links to websites that are connected to books and NSTA journals, registration is free.


Science Misconceptions

provides information to resolve student alternative perceptions regarding science concepts.


Science NetLinks

lesson plans and links to excellent supporting websites.


Science Spot

many resources that include a reference desk, puzzle corner, science trivia, nature center, and more.


Science Topics

science websites categorized by subject areas (earth, space, physical science, life science, and more).


Sixth Grade Science

this website provides links to webpages that support teaching 6th grade science.


Southeast Eisenhower Regional Consortium (SERVE)

this website provides resources for teaching science.


Stardate Online Classroom Activities

this is a lesson plan for elementary students to manipulate the dates and years to see the stages of the moon a various times in the past.


Teachers First

websites and lesson plans to support teaching science.


Thinker Tools

uses inquiry to learn about the nature and utility of scientific models and the processes by which they are created.


The Why Files

provides teachers with correlations to national standards to many examples of science content lessons in grades 5 - 8.


Using Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms

a collection of twenty integrated lessons of science and math activities that use live insects.


Volcanoes - Teaching and Learning

this website provides resources for teachers and student


Women in Science

website provides information regarding women in science both in the past and present.


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 Science and Technology Websites for Students

Amusement Park Physics

take a trip through an amusement park and see the laws of motion at work.


Atoms Family

this website provides links to activities that involve the study of atoms and matter.



this website provides information about Beetles that live in North America.



discover the biomes of North America and learn more about their inhabitants, characteristics, and diversification.


Biology in Motion

interactive biology activities.


Brainpop Science

an interactive website on how the world works.


Animals of Pennsylvania
This page lists many of the animals found in PA.  It has drawings and descriptions written by other third graders!


Butterflies of North America

this website provides information and pictures of North American Butterflies that live in each state.


Cells Alive

this website provides graphics of animal cells, plant cells, and more.



this website helps you understand chemistry in a fun and exciting manner.


Cloud Gallery

this website provides 100 pictures of the cloud families. 


Cool Science for Curious Kids

this website invites you to explore life science and biology information.


Cycle of Life

learn more about the life cycle of living things at this website.



an interactive website to learn about science.


Earth and Moon Viewer

this site will allow you to view the earth and moon from satellites, sun, and other planets. The views correspond to the appropriate time of day for the area of the earth or phase of moon that you view.


Earthquakes for Kids

this website provides links to the latest eqarthquakes, earthquake history, and more.



the amazing and adaptable frog.


Great Plant Escape

help a detective and partners unlock the mysteries of plant life.


Caterpillars (& Mystery Bugs)

everything you wanted to know about bugs.


Kids Corner

online and offline elementary science activities.


Kids and Simple Machines

provides pictures and other resources of the simple machines in everyday life.


Laugh and Learn by NASA

have fun and learn about space, planets, and more.


Living Sea

learn about life in the oceans from the seashore to the deepest depths, oceans are home to some of the most diverse life on Earth.


Monarch Watch

this website provides lots of resources for learning about Monarch Butterflies.


NASA Spaceflight News

learn the latest news about spaceflight from NASA.


Nitrogen Cycle

learn about the nitrogen cycle as you visit a farm.


Our World

site provides information on global warming, acid rain, energy, natural resources, uses of water, and more.


Pathfinder Science

this website provides information on all areas of science.


Phases of the Moon

learn about the phases of the moon.


Roller Coasters

design your own roller coaster.



learn how satellites work and build your own.


Secrets of the Ocean Realm

this website will tests your knowledge of the populations that live in the ocean.


Sci4Kids science

science stories for elementary students.


Simple Machines

website provides pictures and information about the six simple machines.


Simple Machines in Cars

 Thanks to Alissa from the Summer Excellence Program for this suggestion!  This website provides information on how simple machines are applied and utilized in the very cars we use each and every day.

 Thanks to Ms. Kim's group at the local community center!  This website also provides information on how simple machines are applied and utilized in the very cars we use each and every day.


Solar System

an interactive website for learning about our solar system.


Something Froggy

this is a great site for studying frogs. There are two versions of the story, K-3 and 4-8. It has vocabulary, games, quizzes, and other interactive activities.



this website provides a wealth of information on how to raise tadpoles to leran about the life cycle of frogs.


The Great Plant Escape

learn why plant are an important part of your life. We will need your help to find clues, do experiments, and solve problems as we journey into the world of plants.


The Space Place

site where kids lean how to make balloon-powered rovers and pop rockets, discover what it's like to be a space engineer and conduct experiments (NASA).


Virtual Farm

learn about the science involved in farming.


Virtual Pond

discover some of the animals that are present in ponds.



a treasure trove of information including breaking news, satellites, photos, live seismographs, and more.


Weather Cams

selected cities in all the states and Canada.



site provides information about worms and features Herman the Squirming Worm.


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 Environment and Ecology Websites for Students

Ask a Science Expert

this website will provides access to experts who can answer your questions about the environment and ecology.



discover the biomes of the world and learn more about their inhabitants, characteristics, and diversification.


Endangered Species

this website provides information about endangered species of North America.


Environmental Explorers Club

explore and learn how you can help protect the environment.


Environmental Student Center

middle school students can explore a wide range of environmental issues.


Living Things: Habitats and Ecosystems

learn how families of living things interact with each other and with their neighborhood.


Nature Museum Online

this website provides you interactive activities in a Butterfly Lab, MY water Supply, Hands-On Habitat, and more.


Recycle City

this an interactive website for learning about recycling in a city.


Ponds and Streams

learn about the characteristics of ponds and lakes.  



this website provides information about predators around the world.


Surf Your Watershed

this website provides information about your local watershed.


Tropical Rainforests

learn about the different layers (strata) of rainforests.


Water Science for Schools

this website provides information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center.



discover wetlands and the plants and animals that inhabit them. 


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 Web Cams


Africa Cam

this website provides access to web cams located at various locations to study animals in Africa.  This site is great for real time virtual trips to these locations (registration is free).


Caribbean Cam

this website provides an underwater view of reef life near Bonaire Island and occasionally you will see divers in the water observing reef life.


EPA Weather and Air Pollution Cams

this website provides real time web cams for viewing the current weather conditions in various cities and other locations in the United States.


National Zoo Cams

real time observation of animals at Smithsonian's National Zoo.


Sun Cam

provides reel time ultraviolet images of the sun using the SOHO Satellite.


Volcano Cams

provides real time views of volcanoes around the world.


Zoo Cams

this website provides access to web cams located at various zoos for virtual trips allowing students to observe animals in real time.


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Technology Websites


Search Engine Watch


Educational Technology Resources

North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL) specializing in educational technology


Animation Factory



Barry's Graphics



Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education  (CITE)

 online journal about tech. issues


Kathy Shrock's Graphics

clip art gallery and more


More Educational Technology Resources

online journals, conference proceedings, and white papers


Netscape Composer Help

site provides help with Netscape Composer basics


Web Toolkit

tutorials for MS FrontPage 2002, MS FrontPage 2000, Netscape Composer, Claris, and Dreamweaver are provided.


K-12 WebQuests

select "Top," "Middling," or "New" on the left menu bar to view example WebQuests.


WebQuest Support

help and examples for building WebQuests


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 Assessment Resources for Teachers

Assessment Ideas for the Elementary Science Classroom

this website provides resources and ideas for group and peer assessment, self assessment, performance assessment, and more.


Alternative Assessments for Science Teaching

this website provides links to many examples of alternative assessments for case studies, problem solving, multimedia presentations, filed trips, and much more.


Assessment Resources

this website provides links to alternative, performance, and critical issues in assessment resources.


Classroom Assessment and the National Science Education Standards

an online book (2001).


Performance Assessment Links in Science (PALS)

this website is an online, standards-based, continually updated resource bank of science performance assessment tasks indexed by the National Science Education Standards.



website is an excellent resource for developing rubrics for the teacher who does not want to develop rubrics from scratch.


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