What are the expectations here and what do I have for homework?




TEAM USA Expectations:

Morning Homeroom


Go immediately to your locker when you enter school, and then go to homeroom.  You are expected to have your pencils sharpened and all materials necessary for your morning classes before 8:35 A.M. You are expected to be seated and attentive during morning announcements.  Morning homeroom is not to be used to complete homework assignments from the previous day. 


8th Period Homeroom


This is a period where students have band, orchestra, or request extra help.  Otherwise you are expected to read or do homework.  Bring a free reading book each day to this period.  If you need to see another teacher, you MUST have a pass from that teacher. There will be a designated day reserved for Sustained Silent Reading (SSR). Please make sure you have a free reading book.  


Bring to Class Every Day:






Class Rules






Online Availability of Assignments


The Team USA teachers post their assignments on their individual teacher web sites (accessed at www.methacton.org). We encourage parents to use the online access as a tool to aid their child in having a successful year. There may be times, however, when access to the website is unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control, and we request your understanding and patience in this matter. The posted assignments are also designed for the student who is absent.  Students present at school must record their daily homework assignments.


Late Work


Late homework will not be accepted. Students are expected to make up missing or late assignments by the next school day; this excludes absences (see Absences section below).



Cheating/Plagiarism Policy


Cheating is defined as the giving or receiving of outside help on anything (including homework) that has been determined by the teacher to be an individual effort.  Any student who is caught cheating will automatically receive a zero on the assignment. Plagiarism is a violation against academic ethics.  Examples of plagiarism are stealing, borrowing, buying, or copying someone else’s work (e.g. homework, lab reports, take-home tests, and research papers).

Parent Portal


We strongly encourage the use of the Methacton Parent Portal as an aid to help parents monitor their child’s academic progress. Students are also encouraged to access the Portal to track their grades. Grades are updated approximately every two weeks.


Computer Use Policy


Students will be using computers at Skyview for many purposes, including research, generating graphs, and word processing. Any student who is using the computer in an inappropriate manner, such as accessing unapproved web sites, may lose computer privileges. 




Field Trip/ Team Day Policy


Participating in a field trip or team day is an earned privilege.  Your overall behavior in the classroom will determine if you will be allowed to participate. Students who are overly disruptive or who do not follow teacher directions in the classroom will not be allowed to participate in field trips or team days because their behavior may jeopardize the safety of others. The Team USA teachers will make decisions regarding field trip/team day attendance on a case-by-case basis and will take into consideration behavior both in and out of the classroom (including bus, hallway, lunch), academic performance, and attitude toward others. Your parents will be notified if the Team USA teachers feel that you are in danger of being removed from a field trip or team day so that you may have the opportunity to alter your behavior.



Frequently Asked Questions


1. What should I do if I have a concern about my child?

Many times a parent will be the first person to sense if their child is having any kind of difficulty at school.  If you have a concern, do not hesitate to contact your child’s teachers or guidance counselor.  Use the email addresses or telephone extensions provided in this packet.


2. When are my child’s teachers available for help?

We are available during morning and afternoon homeroom and pending individual teacher’s schedules, appointments may be made after school.


3. How much homework should my child expect?

You should expect approximately 20 minutes a night for each academic subject.


4. Why doesn’t my child ever seem to have homework?

Ask to see your child’s assignment book. There should be an assignment written down in every space. If you see the word “none” written several times, something is wrong.  Most days your child will have homework in several subjects. If your child is getting all his homework done during 8th period, it is a good idea to tell him to bring it home so you can look it over. You’ll have a better idea of what your child is studying in school and will be able to see the quality of work he is putting into his assignments. The teachers have homework assignments posted to their websites. Please use this as a reference to verify your child’s assignments. Students are also expected to review their class notes on a daily basis. This will help keep key concepts fresh, especially if the content is new and covers a wide range of information.


5. How much help should I give my child with his/her schoolwork?

We encourage you to look over your child’s work and help him prepare for tests and quizzes. Resist the urge, however, to rephrase paragraphs and type your child’s assignments.  You can point out mistakes to your child, but let them do the work. It is important for teachers to see what your child can actually do on their own for proper assessment to occur. If you notice that your child is having difficulty with her homework assignments, encourage her to ask the teacher for extra help or contact the teacher directly.   


6. Why is sixth grade such an adjustment for some kids?

We expect students to apply skills they have learned in previous years to theirs schoolwork and to become more independent in their work habits. The curriculum is more challenging, and sometimes students find it difficult to achieve the same type of grades without putting forth more effort. Also, many students have a hard time prioritizing their goals and budgeting their time. You can assist your children by helping them establish regular routines, checking their homework, encouraging the daily review of notes, and posting due dates of major assignments and test dates on a large calendar.

         All of my students will have at least two homework assignments each night.  The first assignment is keeping your parents updated about school and the progress that you are making in school.  Your student should be bringing home an assignment book that is checked every night to ensure that all of the assignments are completed.  The second assignment is anything that is listed in this assignment book.  On some days, if we complete everything in class, you might say that you got everything done.  In this case, your homework should be written in and checked off in the assignment book.  If all assignments have been completed, you should still spend at least 20-30 minutes of review/study/reading.  Students are expected to spend about 20 minutes each night on their written homework for each academic subject and an additional 20-30 minutes for nightly studying, review, and free reading.  Every student is unique.  While it may take some students 30 minutes to complete their work, and they spend the rest of the time reading, others may take 60 or 70 minutes to complete their work.  The above estimate of minutes that is allotted does not include extra-curricular activities such as music practice, but does include flash cards, study for upcoming exams, and sustained silent reading.  I encourage you to make a regular location, away from distractions, and feel free to get guidance from your parents if it is needed.


Homework Assessment:


Each homework assignment will be worth a designated amount of points.  In most cases this will be something like two points.  To receive these points the student must have their assignment with them and complete the next class period they are present.  Failure to complete the assignment will result in no points given or one of the two points if the assignmnet is considered nearly completed at te discretion of the teacher.

Parents will be notified of this grade by utilizing Sapphire (Parent Portal) online.  Information about Parent Portal will be given out at the beginning of the year and all parents are highly encouraged to sign up for this as this will be our team’s line of communication about student’s homework completion as well as their overall grade.

You can access Sapphire (Parent Portal) here: http://sapphire.methacton.org/



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