School and Community Involvement


To demonstrate this principle, the teacher must create positive relationships with students, co-workers, administration, parents and the community.  They must realize that their main goal is to help their students to grow and learn and take advantage of any resource that they can.  The teacher must work with the students parents to create a relationship with constant communication in addition to fostering a better  understanding of the student.  They must work with colleagues to help every student succeed and must use the backing of their administration to support the student's well-being.  The teacher must also seek to grow in areas that will benefit them as teachers and provide a better understanding of their students.  To demonstrate this principle, the teacher must be aware of all of their resources and realize that they are not alone in helping to educate their students, but they also have the help of community, colleagues, and most importantly the student's family.   The teacher must realize the importance of including all of these people in every student's education and utilize the school and community so that every student can learn to the best of their ability.

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