Motivation and Management


To demonstrate this principle, the teacher must be able to first get their class on task, and then keep their class on task and learning.  The teacher must motivate their students and instill in them a love for learning.  They must actively explain the purpose of learning and try to get the students to have an intrinsic motivation to inquire about a topic, and research the topic on their own.  The teacher must teach how to act in every single situation that will be encountered and teach, practice, reinforce and re-teach the procedures in the classroom until they become routines so the students are motivated to do them even when the teacher is not present.  In demonstrating this principle, students understand what is expected of them from the teacher, and not only want to do what is expected, but also want to learn for their own benefit.  The teacher must strive to achieve a classroom that is well managed and motivated so that learning is expected by both the students and the teacher and problems are not a focus, but instead learning is.


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