To demonstrate this principle, the teacher must understand thoroughly their students, community, school, curriculum, and subject concepts.  They must understand what needs to be taught in the class and consider different methods of teaching these concepts.  The teacher must think about the diversity of learners, the expectations of the school, and the activities that are already planned for the day to organize an effective plan to teach all the students everything that they need to be taught in a limited amount of time.  More than anything, they need to predict how the classroom will function and be flexible when these plans are not met exactly so that they will be able to modify their future plans accordingly.  Planning is the key to having a smooth running classroom, and by demonstrating this principle, the teacher shows that they are organized and can focus on learning by having a plan, instead of taking things on just as they come.  The class will run with less breaks, the transitions will be smoother, and the learning will be the focus of the class when the teacher demonstrates the principle of planning.


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