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Step 1:


Find out what shape your group has been assigned.  Your group will be

assigned to you when you come to class next week.  You will notice the

shape on your desk that you will be assigned.  At the designated time you

will meet with your other shape group members.  When you come to class

look at your shape and get to work on the bell work.



Step 2:


Once you have found your shape group:

Click on the link below to investigate what a  shape is:

Study Art:

This website takes you through a introduction of shapes allowing you to investigate shapes that will further be reviewed in the lessons.



Step 3:


Click on the link below to find out more about shapes.

Kidport Kindergarten Mathematics:

This website allows you to look at shapes and see what their similarities are.  It has you match shapes to get you focused on the differences in shapes.



Step 4:


Click on the link below to find out more about shapes. 

Carmine's Line Introduction to Shapes:

This website takes you through an interesting activity about shapes and where they are found in everyday life.  Enjoy this fun site as it pulls you in to studying shapes.



Step 5:


Use the link below and type in your shape in the box to search the internet for pictures of your shape in everyday items.

Rightengle's Google Safe-Search:

This website is just to be used if necessary to find shapes that are in everyday life.



Step 6:


Draw and label the important parts of your shape.



Step 7:


Search for your shape outside the windows and around the room.



Step 8:


Create a group book about your shape using drawings and pictures.



Step 9:


Share your group's shape book.



Step 10:


Participate in sharing your group's shape book with the rest of the class.


Introduction ׀ Task ׀ Process ׀  Resources ׀  Evaluation  ׀  Conclusion


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